Open to Anyone
Housing All Of Tokyo’s Latest Culture.

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Student Exclusive

Student Exclusive Hotel Residence
A Playground to Tune Into Your Passion.

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Smack in the heart of the city,
our hotel & student residence is
located 3 minutes away from Shinjuku station.

Aiming to be a playground for all creative individuals,
our hotel comes with a gallery and sound booth
open to residents and guests,
alongside a cafe/event space on the first floor.

If you’re a student with a love for culture - look to our residence.
Packed with events for you to embrace
all that Tokyo’s culture has to offer,
the hotel will serve as a space for you to discover,
hone and share your passion.

If you’re traveling from Japan
or from elsewhere on the globe,
we’re ready to help you experience the freshest culture of Tokyo
through events and activities by our trusted local creatives.

Take this chance to be a part of
the ever-changing culture here in Shinjuku.

Unlock your potential, here at WPU.

It Starts From You.

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Check out all of our latest events
and discounts here.
Check out all of our latest events and
discounts here.

Get Ahead of the Game Hotel Guests

Our hotel places a particular focus on providing our guests
with the freshest culture, cultivated from Tokyo.



A Playground
for Curious Students
Residence Student Exclusive

Living long term in a hotel and discovering your passion - if these two things have caught your attention, read on: our hotel aims to provide the tools and space for students to tune into their passions, hone them, and share them with the world. A student ID is required to live in our hotel - the shortest length of accommodation is a month, the longest is a year. Contract will be renewable.

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About Residence

& more…

Charge Spot
for Curious Minds

WPU CAFE is here to provide delicious meals to anyone and everyone - whether you’re staying with us or not, the doors are open. Keep up with the latest culture in Tokyo through our events hosted in the same space.

Love Out Loud Sound

Create your own podcast or live stream here at our sound booth. Available to anyone who’s yearning to share their passion with the world.

Let Your Imagination
Run Wild

We’ve intentionally made our gallery empty, allowing anyone with an idea to fill it up. Exhibits? Talk sessions? Self-conducted classes? The space is bookable - shoot us with your ideas.